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Week 8

Hey everyone. There’s another cute animated video this week. This time it is about what you should ask yourself before you integrate a form of Social Media into the classroom 🙂 It is under the Week 8 page (I can’t just put it here, I’ve gotta make it a bit harder for you) 😉


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Week 7 Update!

Hey everyone! We’ve been learning about copyright for the past bit and I know that this can be such a tricky area. It sure was for me, especially before we started learning about it. To learn more, like what copyright actually is and what Bill C-11 does for new educators now, go to the Week 7 page. There’s another Prezi at the bottom to so there’s not just words this week 🙂

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So this week my class learned more about cyberbullying. It’s wrong and hurts a lot of people every year. There are large proportions of students every year who feel as if they have been targeted by others. It’s not a joke. I made a short video about it. I’m rather proud of it so take a look. The post is also in my Week 5 page.


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Activity 3.3 Learning and Technologies Theory Reflection

This is also in my Week 3 page for an easier look 🙂

Activity 3.3: Learning and Technologies Theory Reflection

This week we’ve learned about a lot of new learning theories. I personally think that it’s great that there are so many different theories (we learned about 5 in particular, but there are many more out there), but I found that only one connected with me very strongly. Constructivism. As a Drama major I’m constantly in charge of my own learning. In class we are very physical and our projects are all about our creative processes. What we make and create from either nothing or just a couple of pages of text. Our professors guide us through different kinds of techniques we can use to create our own projects. I’ve never felt that they have “taught” but more have guided me and helped me along my own journey.

Technology in this field is tricky in my opinion but there are a couple ways that it can be used. For example, in a drama specific field we could watch videos and podcasts of different scenes and plays and learn from what they have done in that way. Other teachers could also use design programs to actually create 3D projects on computers (such as SolidWorks). In group based projects (which constructivism also favours), teachers could require students to create videos to show off an object that they built, like a commercial or advertisement. I personally was assigned this project in my high school years where we had to first create an object with an interesting use then create a commercial or infomerical about it. I thought that it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about how to use video programs and to mix and edit tapes.